Earthdawn: The dawning of a new age

A new dawn

Aemelius looked over the records of the stone carvers again, comparing them once more with the trade route described by the silk traders, the notes from the obsidiman and map which he had been compiling of ruined Kaers known to have been found in the area around the Thunder mountains. The details which they had given of the caravan route were detailed enough to be followed easily, even now, 500 years later. The Kaer which the stone carvers described being constructed was not in a region where any ruined Kaer had been found and nor were there any large settlements nearby. Gallowglas had been wealthy enough to pay for the best protective wards which the Therans had been selling. The amount they had paid for the stonework supported that. Could it really still be there? Would he be the one to find it? Could they have survived the scourge and still be waiting down there? He had to go. There was either a lost Kaer in those mountains, filled with unnamed treasures or a living community, afraid to emerge into the outside world. Either way, his name would be immortalised. The books he would write about this would be the talk of Throal.

One month later Aemelius Merick, assistant librarian of the great library of Throal, began the long trek from Travar into the Thunder mountains, following the maps which he hopes will lead him to the lost Kaer of Gallowglas. He is accompanied by a few relatively experienced Throalic adventurers, a couple of loyal mercenaries and a few other adepts that have joined up with him in Travar. Together they hope to discover the fate of the lost Kaer and weave legends which will be told for generations.


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