Aemelius Merik

Dwarven assistant librarian in the great library of Throal


Discipline: Travelling Scholar
Attribute steps:
Dex: 6, Str: 6, Tou: 6, Per: 7, Will: 6, Cha: 5.
Circle: 1


Aemilius Merrick was until recently a scribe working at the great library of Throal. Recently, whilst conducting research through the archives, he discovered convincing evidence for the location of an undiscovered Kaer. Over the past months he has been longing to see more of the world. To be like the travelling scholars, and experience adventure on a voyage of discovery. He decided that this was the time. Selling his house to cover the expenses he has financed a mission to locate and enter the lost Kaer of Gallowglas.

He has worked closely with scholar adepts and had a good theoretical understanding of the discipline. Upon reaching the climax of the mission with the discovery and opening of the Kaer he has gained a sudden insight into the way of the travelling scholar and has self initiated onto that path.

Aemelius Merik

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