Human Wizard


Slim human male, 6’ tall with short dark hair and a small goatee beard.

Attribute Steps:
Dex: 5,Str: 5, Tou: 5, Per: 7, Will: 7, Cha: 6.
Discipline: Wizard
Circle: 4
Attacks: Staff: 2D6, Damage 2D6.
Mind dagger spell: 2D10, Damage D8+D6
Death rating: 48
Wound Threshold: 8
Unconscious threshold: 36


A young, but accomplished human Wizard from Throal. Niall is fascinated by every aspect of magic and has used his versatility to learn some nethermantic magic. He longs for the opportunity to also learn elementalist and Illusionist spells. Niall is quiet and easygoing but has a thirst for knowledge which drives him to wish to explore all of the world and its secrets.


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