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The town of Gallowglas was a small but prosperous merchant town in the foothills of the Thunder Mountains, close to the Tiger river which feeds into the Aras sea, and only a days trek from the source of the Byrose. It was famed for the local sparkling wines and the quality of the textiles produced in the area. Then the scourge came, and the world was lost to the limitless hordes of horrors from beyond the metaplanes.

It was not a very large town, numbering about 1,500 souls, but was wealthy enough to pay for the construction and protection of a large Kaer. For over 500 years the people of Gallowglas have lived in hiding deep underground waiting for the end of the scourge. Yet no end seems in sight. The theran devices for measuring the strength of the magical field stopped moving over severty years ago at a level which was still considered too high to be safe. Yet over the last century the towns resources have been failing. The population has grown larger than the Kaer can cope with. The light crystals which illuminate the caves have been failing. Even the smaller fire hearths, used for cooking have weakened, forcing the people to use a few shared cooking areas for communal dining. Frustration had been growing and at last the town council decided that the time has come to risk opening the Kaer, to send out some brave heroes to explore the surrounding land in order to see whether the scourge has ended and if it is possible for them to return to the surface.

The land above has changed considerable, giving the brave young heroes endless possibilities for adventure, but danger still lurks above. A far greater danger than they could have ever imagined. A danger which prevented their people from emerging from their Kaer and which may still spell their doom.

The Dawning of a New Age is an adventure of exploration, redemption, revenge and high adventure. It uses the classic Earthdawn rules. Players should be aware that this campaign is intended to give a sense of the myriad dangers of the Earthdawn setting and that whilst the campaign is set at a suitable level for the players they will not always be able to face threats directly or alone. Stupidity and recklessness will lead to death and a high mortality rate in the early adventures is likely. This will change as the party become established and the campaign develops into a more heroic path.

Players may create characters of any race or discipline. They have signed up to provide extra security for a Dwarven scholar in search of the lost Kaer of Gallowglas. Characters should be built using the point buy method, in order to ensure game balance.

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