House Rules

For the most part I am using the first edition Earthdawn rules.
I am including the following changes for game balance.

Taunt: The taunt feat does not reduce all talents by its rank. Instead it reduces them by an amount determined by the success level. An average success is by 1, a good success is by 2, excellent is 3, extraordinary is 4.

Cavalryman: The horse cultures of our world nearly all prize bows and archery as essential skills. The only exceptions are medieval knights and Macedonian cavalry. In both cases the cavalry are a rich social elite and represent a very small part of their culture. I believe that scorcher bands are meant to be closer to the Mongol hordes. It is strange therefore that Cavalrymen only get the missile weapons talent at 7th circle. I also didn’t like the idea of them summoning a mysical mount at 3rd circle, when summoners, like nethermancers and elementalists, can’t summon any spirits until at least 5th. I have therefore made a few changes.

At first circle Cavalrymen get Missile weapons as an extra talent (like thieves this gives them 7 starting talents)

At second circle they have only two talents: Durability and Empathic command.

At third circle they get Blood share instead of Spirit mount.

At seventh circle they get spirit mount instead of missile weapons.

Character Creation

Players will use the points buy method for allocating atribute values. Players who wish to play characters with slightly lower attributes but more experience may swap up to 10 of their build points for 200 legend points each. This will make them a bit more effective in the first session, but they risk being at a disadvantage later on. These Legend points do count towards their lifetime total.

House Rules

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